Devoted to that Russians who have forgotten their past and to all nations who are killing their future.

Dear Russians, hey and hoy! Life of yours is not a joy. You have suffered really hard, with dim eyes you see no start. Made you tired all this life, made lose powers in a strife.

Hard to live in stagnant country, who sees you as mere infantry. And ancestors – they have lived life of which you are deprived.

Many credits you have taken, thus appetites were awakened. Weight of wishes you knew not – in consumption now you rot.

Love for shopping you have found, lots of trading goes around. Pretty things you have to buy – there are many … my, oh my.

Mansions of yours are poor – with no treasure chests and goor. Only carpets hang on walls and TVs from endless malls.

You now work in office cell – hard to do so, I would tell! Numbers adding and subtraction is your way to satisfaction. Dragging water yokes is past – move from nature is “a must”.

And your salaries are small – in some cars you cannot roll. Walk on foot is not for you – that’s for poor, who are few, that’s a certain waste of time altogether with a rhyme.

Those rich soldiers of the past, who destroyed fascists, are dust – they deserved no “likes” from ones, who are “selfie’s” social-funs. Are there are no demands just to honor combatants who defended Russia’s past – all such memoirs are rust. Their lives had useless riches – flying arrows, castles sieges … their feats don’t bother you – those who bothered are few.

Such a burden presses on, under it you whine and moan! Was your spirit changed by it, so you won’t be ever freed? As if soul has recoiled and to hear it you’ve foiled.

You are anxious now with sex as if it’s a first reflex. Count “partners” by the numbers, faithful ones now look like “dumbers”. “Adulteresses” are no good, who on penal servitude went with husbands in the past – they were happy, and as thus no fidelity they bear, even though they had no fear.

Oh, how hard it’s for you to go on, if you don’t have a precious iPhone! On your work you keep building careers, and if work isn’t “cool” – you shed tears. No more time for your children you keep – your careers are whispering “R.I.P”. And your families live all alone as if friendship has truly begone.

And you keep run in circles all time – and consider that this path is fine. Only quicker you all try to run, and willpower has almost begone. And ancestors have not built careers, they had no such ridiculous fears, only powerful nation they made – their feats, trust me, never will fade. They prepared a ladder for you – but those ones who will climb it are few.

It’s so hard to be Russians by now – it’s a burden that life does bestow, one that narrow your shoulders and way as if clue for a life goes astray. And no longer eyes shining with joy as if you are no more than toy, and no longer soul’s singing is heard as if throat was all broken apart, and some people are crying with tears, and some going abroad for careers. And ancestors were all carefree – throwing lives they were willingly, see? It’s for God and their families gave – and no longer they suffer in graves.

Burden crushed you and tortured much! How to dump it, so hated, or patch? How to beat this thrice-cursed great beast and to start with a fresh, clear list? Strain your minds and try thinking a bit – why your dreams are still lying at feet? Are your values now twisted and broken, have your soul still not have awoken? How you truly imagine your life that is kind and a meaningful strife? If you hear spiritual accord – you will once fly again as bird.

Point of view
- Excuse me, sir, do I correctly understand your claim that we all live under some surprising influence of two opposite and totally alien to us metaphysical powers, who are capable to affect our states of mind, thoughts, health and who were actually known to mankind since ancient centuries, yet knowledge of them has been transformed into something like children's fairy tale and ridiculous myth? I wonder - whether all of this is rather a product of your sick imagination and abnormal fantasy than a real-life state of affairs? I, thanks to my scientific background, is being more inclined to the second option because I don't see even a single reason of why your so beloved Divine would manifest itself in our infinitely troublesome world.

- The best way for demons to disappear from human sight is to convince them that demons never existed, right?

- Would you please stop overstepping borders of what is normal and reasonable!

- Earth mankind trespassed them very long time ago. But this was one of the tactics of these forces of darkness — it's possible to convince people that they don't exist in one easy way: to create a certain social phenomenon, way of life or way of thinking, if you will, which would against own right take impudence to claim that it and only it has a monopoly for truth and is capable to lead masses of humans into general prosperity.

- I believed that you were a totally non-religious individual.

- And I am speaking about science now. We will address religion later on.

- Is that so? And how did science displeased you? Only thanks to its efforts today we have all what we have!

- Nuclear and other weapons, nature which is ruined by wastes along with people dying of diseases in their reinforced concrete cages, right? So, they had to create such a social phenomenon, "new religion of mind", if you will, together with its devoted "apostles" and send it by a path extremely rational, materialistically practical, torn off and isolated voluntarily from everything that is "superflous" and spiritual — not such a bad practice, so that people, having once started praying to their newborn "god", haven't managed to get into inner sanctum — field of human spirit, monopoly for "saving" which so-called religions ones have already taken. Whether not for this reason official science has been trying to play dirty for many years — and tries to hide that simple and obvious for impartial observers fact that, having chosen false path earlier, nowadays it self-willingly came into expected dead end and is standing behind a blank wall? A syndrome of "British scientists" is an indicative phenomenon of common pseudo-scientific present, isn't it? And to keep claiming that it's just the end of all major discoveries and triumph of human mind instead of a blank wall — is a wildest nonsense.

- And what do you suggest to do?

- You can try make a break in this wall with your forehead. Will make a service for a greater science that way like so many have done before you, having voluntarily given their live bodies for scientific experiments or having given dead ones against their will for the same purpose.

- Still desire to throw jokes at me, sir? Science, as we all know, requires victims.

- Beauty, as we all know, needs them too. The consequence of which is utter ugliness.

- Do you believe religion is much more attractive?

- What became of a modern religion — by no means. Parasitizing on aspiration's of human spirit to the Divine and primitivization of belief, mostly. Yet everyone walks where he prefers.

- Even if we assume that modern science is being unable to discover something invisible and inaccessible to it, including to prove the very existence of mentioned metaphysical powers from a scientific point of view...

- "From a scientific point of view" sounds quite reasonably. For it's still only a small point which should make a long journey to become a line...

- ...Whether modern religion can brag of this knowledge at least?

- Modern religion turned them into something like a myth, and idolaters often don't have a slightest idea of what important things are mentioned in still undistorted by them texts. Look, for example, on some of the icons painting Christ — and you shall see white wings behind His back. He is painted as the Angel who is leading armies of others — and for a due reason. As well as not accidental still remained prayers to Guardian Angels, as well as names of Archangels and some other important things. Those people who are filled with poison of materialistic science aren't usually capable to understand that these facts reflect real-life reality more than a thousand and one theory, recognized in scientific world as no less than "laws" of nature. And if you dare to tell modern religious followers about live Angels, many of them will consider you as mentally unstable — a natural consequence of their own inadequacy.

- I have never seen any mentioned Angels in my entire life, - they simply don't even exist!

- As well as, say, radio waves.

- Sir, I didn't state that! We can't see them with own physical eyes, but...

- ...But that's a question of the point which you choose to view it, right?

- All of this is yet another religious myth!

- As well as your own thoughts. Forgive me, I wanted to say - their thoughts. They are not yours, right?

- What do you mean by "not mine"? I keep thinking and, therefore, existing.

- This statement doesn't fully reflect objective reality, though not in that case. Take a look on your chaotically thinking mind - are you totally sure that it's you who is controlling it? You can't even make it go silent! Waves of thoughts are jumping as if some stranger is pushing a handle of "thoughts radio" from one angle to another.

- Would you like to tell me that thoughts can be "indoctrinated"?

- Well, now finally you seem to start comprehending of what powers sent "ingenious" scientific ideas for invention of, say, different types of weapons. As well as, say, pharmaceutical drugs. As well as many of so-called memes, starting from "live once, care not" and ending with "money doesn't smell". However, you can probably understand now what powers spoke through prophets, for instance. But whom people were listening to? A systematic extermination of mankind is being made with its own hands.

- Well, the reduction of planet's population only promotes more rational distribution of natural resources among survived.

- Hoping to be among them? I am afraid that preservation of your particular life is not in the list of priority tasks for dark powers. As well as preservation of entire earth mankind.

- Hell with you, stop feeding fairy tales!

- You just look around. It that a paradise in your opinion?

- But not a hell at all, that's for certain! Progress is progressing, so to speak. Yes, maybe people don't ever hear thoughts of their, how did you call them - Guardian Angels - and crucify prophets coming to them, - but they generally move in right direction anyway. Or do you fondly suggest me to believe that everything you have just told me is a pure truth?

- And this, my dear friend, entirely depends upon correctness of your point of view...

Warning : the God !
- “Warning : the God ! Entrance is strictly prohibited for idle passers !” – Ivan read a sign on ordinary-looking gate, leading through a fencing to inconspicuous looking building. And there was a small addition slightly below – “The Entrance. Accept the hope, entering one !”

- Oh, what only they won’t make, - he thought at first. - Trying to lure us this and that way. Oh, sure, we have heard plenty of these fairy tales of yours in due time, about the New World, End of the Millennia, the Second Coming, everything at once. And predictors all unanimously chattered in due time – “The world is changing, something is happening !”, and everything like that, and where is all that ? We cannot see it yet. And maybe it doesn’t even exist, if we cannot see it ? Or maybe it does exist, but we still cannot see it ? Who knows it for sure …

Ivan began hesitating – to enter or not to enter ?

Nobody cries aloud any calls, no one stands with banners and posters on corners … Somehow strange … unusual. Not a single sign of what is called promotion, no sort of marketing in that disgusting style “The Savior ! Only with us ! Only for you !”. Just some ordinary-looking gate … who even enters such ones – it doesn’t even looks like a door. Somehow wrong … not common style. But, on the other hand … who did say that God must correspond to some man’s idea about Him ?


Ivan was starting to feel himself more out of place – not mainly due to his current reflections, but from some arisen during this moment aching and disturbing feeling somewhere in the depth of his breast, that if now he will pass this gate by, like he has been passing for all these years, hurrying somewhere in unknown distances on strangest affairs – he may not be able to find in the future this most ordinary-looking gate …

And, after all, he was looking … he has been searching for Him for a long time. Since the very birth, if it’s possible to say so, he has been looking. In autumn silence of parks and conversations Soul-to-a-Soul with others, in noise of human crowds and rich furniture of churches, in endless loneliness of own Soul he has been searching for Him … He thirsted to once find Him so greatly, but all this was something not totally so … not totally right … He has been seeking Him for all his conscious life !

And now … some sort of gate …

Finally he decided. Pushed a gate with his hand, expecting to hear a scratch of ungreased loops – but instead of it shutters softly and silently swung open, he made a step forward – and …

The world changed. Suddenly the city disappeared somewhere, as well as hurrying on affairs from work and for work thousands of sleepy people together with one thousand and one building … even the gate was no more. Now he was standing in the middle of some large hall with carved shining columns and ceiling, rising into infinite distances up and up … some soft of warm light surrounded him from everywhere.

- Have I already died ? – Ivan was suddenly frightened. – My heart stopped pulsating and now my useless body is most probably lying on some dirty operational table, and a group of laymans in white dressing gowns is working on it while I am standing idle in this unknown new world ?

- Greetings, Ivan ! I have been waiting for you ! – some immensely powerful, filled with greatest inner force and at the same time very melodious voice suddenly filled the area, coming, apparently, from all directions and at the same time somewhere from Ivan’s breast.

- I … just … just … don’t know … what to answer …, - Ivan mumbled.

- Don’t worry about it, - answered the Voice. – I can read minds. I have been watching you from your very birth … as well as many others. You desired to find me – and so now you are here. What is that you want to tell Me ?

- So, are you really the Most Powerful One ?

- Yes, - the Voice answered softly. – The First And The Last. The Beginning And The Ending. I am the One whom you call the Maker.

- So, you are really ..., - and Ivan stopped short. – Well, certainly ! How could I forget about it !

- Yes, - the Voice answered. – I truly exist. But many of your kind have forgotten and ceased to search for Me.

- To search where ? – Ivan asked shy.

- Inside and outside. I am inside and outside. All these worlds are Mine, and parts of Me are living inside you. I have once given you particles of Myself so that one day you can become similar to Me …

- So that people become similar to God ?

- Such is the true Evolution, Ivan.

- So, you are together with all of us …

- Yes, always I am. Now in your world as well. I have many homes, - invisible Voice was filling the room with matchless melodies and colors.

- In our world too ? So, it means that the gate …

- All your world is Mine. I can settle in any corner of it. I have no need for your empty praising. I desire to see all of you live, Ivan, with living particles of Me.

- That’s why Your arrival was …, - the sudden guess enlightened Ivan’s heart.

- Yes, - the Voice answered. – For this reason. I desire to see ones searching and coming to Me in their free will. They are capable of the true Evolution.

- So all these people in temples and mosques, calling themselves believers and at the same time remaining the same from the very birth …

- They can continue to believe in their illusions, if such is their wish. For some time.

- And what of Your Son ? He was speaking of You and Your return in the due time …

- He is together with Me as well. My second Son, - answered the Voice. – You dared to offense Him too much in the last time. This will not repeat any more.

- Oh, how wonderful it is that You are together with us ! – a sudden shout of joy escaped Ivan’s breast.

- The looking one will find. The going one will come. Accept the hope – and give it to others ! My time is coming ! – the invisible Voice filled entire enormous brightly shining room, and travelled, apparently, into the very core of human Soul.

- Yes, oh my Maker ! I will tell them of You ! I thank You !

The shining stream of light captured and shrouded Ivan. It, this Light of God, was coming, apparently, from everywhere – was shining from inside and outside. The sparkling stream shrouded him in a flash of time – and …

“Savior ! Only with us ! Only for you !”, - Ivan confusedly read red shining letters on a sign of some striptease club.

The gate was no more. The chance was accepted. Another world greedy stretched own hands towards him once again.

- Yes, oh Maker, I will tell all these sleeping ones of Your time, - Ivan decided. – Right now there is nothing more important than that.

Vasily squatted under a doorway canopy, diligently hiding his face from a pouring rain. Drops of rain drummed on his head, rolled up under his clothes through a torn raincoat, squelched in worn out sneakers. It appeared as if the rain in some uncontrollable mad rush was trying to clear country’s “second capital” from all that he could qualify as dirt by his unknown motive.

As if he couldn’t do only one thing – to wash away sins of humans. Servants of the temple, which was sparkling in this cloudy day with washed gilded domes, for instance, could – for a well-known payment, of course. Yet only not that rain. How could he, a simple rain, ascend to these heights?

Passersby promptly rushed under this storm from one building to another, overflowed cars on sidewalks loudly urged to stand aside each and every one except themselves, and Vasily – what’s in Vasily ? – to him this marvelous new world of as-if-sanctity was totally far away in all possible meanings.

Karma became a new fashion by the will of moral’s observers. For several years already every resident of this cultural capital – and not only it – has been trying to correct own karma without correcting himself. Show-windows of charitable shops called for it, newspapers and central television constantly reminded of it, even the face of some orphan on a huge advertising billboard appeared to silently offer all of its contemplators, who have been rushing through a central street’s ring each day, to bring another portion of their savings to children’s church shelter for the sake of clearing of own Karma. For several years already people have been insincerely smiling to each other on city streets, inquiring of a state of health of their interlocutors along with a weather’s forecast, buying various discounted knickknacks in numerous charitable shops which have grown as if mushrooms from a heavy rain and stated that they were giving a part of their profits on “good deeds”. Even banks offered an increased “cashback” for purchases in such little shops. It all became a question of fashion – to purify one’s karma, feeling yourself infallible.

Vasily had no idea how it all worked out – but the union of marketing specialists and those, from temples, turned out to be surprisingly productive. He, being watered in this very moment by a storm, didn’t know that in terms of marketing this was called “rebranding”, and in terms of finances it could be measured by a sum which only they – devout collectors of treasures – were able to afford. Anyway, this certainly helped to save themselves in own eyes for many, – except Vasily.

Five years without a home – is it much or is it little? Someone will spend out eternity in dirt, feeling no flight of time at all, – and for him these five years became their own eternity. Five years through cold and snow, dirt and such rains which were washing streets of St. Petersburg from time to time. Five years in worn-out clothes under disapproval looks of passersby and without a single chance to find a constant shelter. Sleepless nights, spent in open entrances, hundreds of shouts and kicks from residents of these buildings. It all has been – it all will be going. This is a vicious circle.

* * *

Ultimately our memory saves only best of moments for us – ones which are worthy of living in the ocean of memories. And sparks of these memoirs don’t fade away up to our last day on this rock.

… First year of his wanderings. Late evening. Sound of footfall behind his back.

– Hide me away, please! – a girl of seven or so years desperately shouted. – Hide me from them!

When two adult figures, wrapped up in shadows, appeared on a pavement’s horizon, there was no more time for reflections.

– Here, come with me! – Vasily shouted to a child.

Several dozens of meters, absolutely close. Here, in a yard, broken door entrances were always open. When you wander through entire city, which has become your final resting place, your memory tenaciously stores inside such spots, where you can spend your next night – or at least several remaining hours till dawn when law-abiding citizens will once again go for their most important and significant jobs. Like in a vicious circle.

The child ran after Vasily in door openings and went silent.

This was a day, – or a night if we are to judge by time, – when he saved future great ballerina from thugs and rapists. Yet in that very day he didn’t know of all that – that kind of knowledge came so much later – and in another world.

… Third year of his wanderings. The rain, drumming on a bridge his strange rhythm and drawing circles in waters of Neva river. Vicious circles.

Little kitten with orange fur, who is desperately beating on a water with legs and trying to reach a high stone embankment with a meter’s height above him. He would drown that day if not for Vasily’s aid. Would drown as many are being drown by force – whether they are cats or people. What is some saved kitten, after all? Just a clear distinction between compassion and indifference.

… That very day, those very minutes which few mortal ones are capable to predict in advance. Winter wind, freezing a face. Glacial face of Neva. Group of school students not far away, moving as a chain to another coast.

Here a weak ice breaks from their measured step and one of them falls down into icy waters with a splash. A cry of despair, being carried around.

When Vasily ran up to the place of that ice break, the student was still on a water surface, yet none of surrounding children had any power to pull him out. They pulled their hands to him, trying to grasp – but small weak hands of theirs has been sliding off over and over again, accompanied by cries of despair.

It happens that we don’t know the exact limits of own powers until the moment they are truly needed … and neither did Vasily. Having grabbed him by a wrist, he pulled the child with both of his hands with such a force that he has flown away on a surface and landed two meter behind. But this breakthrough shook Vasily, turning him around, his legs slid off and he fell into icy waters himself.

Time and again, up to the moment when hands and legs finally refused to obey him, he has been fighting for life. Over and over again he was trying to get out on ice, but forces were fleeing from him – or perhaps this so memorable for his soul and destiny winter has finally decided to take its toll. Here icy water flows into his mouth, forcing to stop breathing. Flashes of light – last messengers of this world – and he is drown to the bottom of the river...

* * *

… In that last farewell instant of his life he had no idea of what would happen afterwards, when the very concept of time will change itself. He had no idea how in a world of immense beauty, which was unimaginable for his tormented and exhausted mortal body, three golden drops – one for each soul that he has saved – would fall one day down on a bowl of great Scales, forgotten by many. How these drops, similar to ones of rain, – so small and so big at the same time! – would touch its surface, and in that instant one of two bowls will bend and light up with unextinguishable fire. During that instant these three drops, which were seeming too small for many, will overweight all mistakes and pain of his past, lighting up his way. In that moment – a moment of fading link between this world and another one which is being constantly forgotten by those born in this, – Vasily by no means could know this. Mortal beings are rarely granted a privilege to know their future in advance. He didn’t know that these drops would become his – absolutely sincerely and disinterestedly coming to the rescue – most significant Justification.

He couldn’t think of how shortly after this moment two glowing with warm and soft light figures would stand to right and left from him and lead him into the Great Hall – a divine place where only worthy ones will once be gathered.

Where there is place for justified and expiated and no place for paying off ones.

Not them!
Disaster came – and you were standing apart. This position was convenient for its ambiguity and, as you secretly called it, flexibility. Neither cold nor hot – just as nothing.

The country was ripped apart with a greatest distemper, which has even tormented it for the duration of its entire history. A distemper behind which there was Darkness standing, and its feet have been stepping over once alive people day after day, milling characters, crashing fates. And not only bodies were swallowed inside it.

People summoned it by themselves and willingly invited to share this bloody dinner. They were ready to pay for “changes”, demanded by their hearts, with lives of others. Why others? Certainly not with their own!

You didn’t travel in vanguard of those, – men in black hoods with a color of blood, with hands and souls of which distemper was forged, – you were standing apart, dreaming that it won’t touch you with its bony fingers, won’t ever reach. So many think that way shortly before their own demise.

It was some sort of calming – yes, you constantly kept reading that your fellows were still perishing nearby, you saw in the glass TV box bodies of tortured and killed – ripped by a machine of death – but it, as it appeared, was so far and uncommon for your own illusionary tiny world, which you valued so much and out of which you didn’t want to crawl. Yes, others kept dying every day – but it was them, not you!

Somewhere hundreds of kilometers away bombs were falling on once peaceful cities and tanks were squashing defenders of peace, who have dared to oppose a distemper. Somewhere hundreds of kilometers from you retaliatory groups were shooting in cold blood groups of refugees who were struggling to break through blockades. Somewhere hundreds of kilometers between you and them hungry children were crying and old men and women were quietly sobbing. Somewhere hundreds of kilometers from here a funnel to hell opened itself. So close – and somehow so far from you at the same time…

You were away from all of this. Soared over turmoil of life, so to speak. And over time pictures from your glass TV box ceased to frighten you any longer. They became natural.

And when the hand of dark and red color finally reached your dwelling as well, – it was too late for you already. Vanguards of darkness poured into the streets of your town, bringing their own orders, methodically and openly killing those who were still resisting – not such as you. There was certainly nothing for you to fear!

“Let them die, let them!”, – you have been whispering to yourself more and more often when images of surrounding cruelty made your mind scream from pain. “They are guilty, didn’t submit! Themselves, themselves! Not you, not like you! Let them all die, but you will survive – that’s all that matters!”

And when chasteners have left, having taken away with themselves wives of someone’s former husbands, – a fiery tornado has fallen upon the city. And it was a blessing – to die instantly.

On a third day tornado took away you as well while you were hiding in dark city districts, marauding. Ones with a torn-off hands and legs don’t live for too long – not in this body, in any case.

At first you saw this mutilated body of yours from above – in pools of blood with ones like you, thinking as “not us!”. And then suddenly as some kind of stream started whirling you, dragging away from this place to a totally different one – a dimension which you have forgotten up to this point.

And there, in this so unusual and as if infinite world you were placed near those, – resisting ones, – whom you so recently, still possessing a body, still living in a so habitual for you world, – so furiously and cruelly hated. Hated for the feeling of own imperfection which they caused in your heart. You were placed near those the death of whom you were wishing. You were given a last chance to look upon their eyes – and they were given a chance to see ones like you. And when they – shining ones – looked at you – silently, with no hatred in their eyes, – you were forced to look away. And you had nothing to tell them during all your term.

… And then your judges came for you as well to bring there, From Where No One Has Ever Left. Many came back to Earth – yet not from there. After painfully-sadly-endless and infinite times of waiting you were dragged there.

Why it was you? Certainly not them!

Once upon a time someone knocked at a door of human’s Soul. A Happiness was standing behind a threshold, having come from unknown edges of the world. A true Happiness always comes unexpectedly.

– And who might you be? – the surprised man asked it, for he has been living alone with Sadness for a long time.

– I am your most real, long-awaited Happiness! – it said with a joy.

– You lie! – grinned the man. – This world has no happiness to be found!

– But I am already standing here, don’t I? – Happiness was surprised. – How can’t I exist if I have finally found you as well?

– No, you cannot be my long-awaited Happiness, – the man began to doubt. – My Happiness should look and feel differently, I feel it.

– I am just tired from a long journey to you, – Happiness smiled in reply. – I have been searching for you in these swamps of Grief and steppes of Loneliness for so long! Allow me now to enter a home of your soul – and I shall help you bring it to an order.

– I already have all things in full order, just like everyone else, – the man frowned.

– That’s why you look so sad? – asked Happiness.

– I am just normal, – replied the man. – Not like some others.

– Like who? – questioned Happiness. – Ah, you were speaking of those ones whom I have already managed to find? – it guessed.

– They are cranky! – sniffed the man. – And you are crazy as well! – he became angry.

– But I am your dear Happiness! – and Happiness beggarly gave hands to the man.

– Leave me be! – snapped he and pushed Happiness sideways. – I no longer believe in you!

– … All right, – answered Happiness, – I will do as you ask of me. But maybe even the memory of my short intervention will manage to warm you in upcoming cold nights of Sadness…

And, having that said, Happiness turned back and walked away through the doors. The man sniffed once again and, continuing grumbling something about totally ridiculous and untimely guests, went back to his sleeping rooms.

And Happiness, who have made such a long and dangerous journey, sat down on a porch of a home of human’s soul and, having become silent, started to wait patiently without drawing too much attention. It hoped so much that the man will once start believing in his own Happiness.

Here and There
– Hi, There! – joyfully cried Here, embracing his brother. – Where have you been hiding for so long recently? All of us missed you greatly!

– I was … there, - evasively answered There. – Had many business deals during the past times so there was no time for idle chatter and useless meetings. I am a very busy businessperson right now, as you can clearly see.

– You have been like that from the very cradle, brother! – smiled Here and patted brother’s shoulder. – Tell me, did people once again give you no time for meditation to such a degree that you had no other choice but to go into hiding?

– Oh, that’s not the word, – grieved There. – Almost teared me apart! There is neither rest nor release from them for who knows how many thousands of years. I have almost become some sort of human “star”, can you imagine? Almost each of them strives to find me, as though I have gathered in my lair a horde of treasures for him personally and is willing to gladly and joyfully share it with each and every speaking, and asking, and demanding, and threatening newcomer. I may be willing to share something good and kind with some of them who are worthy – but not with some sort of hordes!

– That’s all because they have no idea of what they are doing … or where they are searching! – Here burst out laughing freely.

– A very precise note! – confirmed There. – Probably for that very reason you, my brother, became such a lonely and I am such a popular one. Almost no one wishes to stay and search Here and almost everyone dreams of making it There. As if I, a single There, would suffice for them all!

– It’s good where they don’t walk. For where they do – something goes wrong as always.

– And how do you think, Here, why is that always the case with humans?

– No idea here, There. Possibly because they ceased to feel with their souls and learned to feel only with a body instead?

– And how many of them still imagine that you, Here, is not-so-perfect, not-that-right, and There on the horizon, in some unreachable cloudless distances, which they look for where they are not present, everything is simply awesome! And it can happen, Here, that somewhere in one of my multiple There’s the horse didn’t even start rolling, not to mention of riding! And they certainly can’t help riding in their glorious quest of finding some irresistible There.

– My wondrous brother, my kind There, I won’t give you them anywhere! – smiled Here. You will be of much help here … to all of us. For, you know … maybe something, which they have been searching diligently for so long there – it’s is already here, right before their itching noses.

– I really hope that they will once learn to respect and love you, Here, – replied There. For even the finest of There’s appear here once in a while!

– Greetings, oh great Master! – the Seeker started yelling. – I have heard a lot about your wisdom and knowledge and truly desire to become one of your devoted Disciples!
– And won’t your heart jump straight out of your chest, should I accept the offer? – the Master squinted his right eye and looked fixedly at unexpectedly found neophyte, while continuing to nibble sunflower seeds. – For, you know, I have no desire to stand responsible before GorZdrav for your breathless corpse, you see? After all, I am already on a note, for my own health is not the one it used to be in youth.
– I would surely jump out of my trousers from the joy, if you take me with yourself! – assured him Seeker.
– It’s a bad karma to jump like that. After all, we are not Europe here, see? Different spiritual climate, so to speak. And who was that wise man who advised you to visit me, especially so early in the morning, aye? – murmured Master while scratching his own back.
– Destiny itself has brought me to you by tracks rarely-walked and ways inconceivable! – ardently exclaimed Seeker.
– Probably, ye found the announcement in the newspaper, aye? – Master coughed, having choked with his next sunflower seed.
– In newspaper used in toilet for the paper! – Seeker started chattering. – I have understood finally that throw away my life aimlessly in the trash can, like an ultimate fool, I do!
– Well, you are not the very first, and surely not the last! – Master laughed in reply. – The last little fool here in our village was Vasily.
– I finally desired to comprehend the meaning of my life, my mission, my path! – Seeker continued to chatter a tongue twister.
– Well, if you are such nimble, we can join our ways, – answered Master. – Can you chop firewood, for instance?
– I will gladly learn this lesson! – ardently confirmed Seeker. – Just make me your Disciple!
– All right, all right, have it your way! – Master coughed another time and spat out next sunflower seed on a grass. – Grab that axe over there and go with me. I myself is too old already for deeds like that, need a fresh blood to make things shine.
* * *
– How are you holding your axe, silly one! – Master shouted and struck Disciple’s head with a crutch. – What’s the reason to hold it with one hand? Hold it with both hands when dealing a blow!
– Like that we should cut strenuously through burdens of our life? – Seeker looked hopefully at Master, brushing away sweat from his forehead.
– What sort of burden is that?! – Master looked shocked. – You were simply asked to chop firewood, nothing more and nothing less. What, have you eaten too much henbane to make daily routine tasks look like a feat?
– I have consumed too much of Internet, Master! – bitterly exclaimed Disciple. – I have eaten it too much and become satiated! I spammed through forums, trolled poor children, scribbled disgusting articles in newspapers, I did!
– Sins of yours are heavy! – Master has thrown up his hands. – And what are trolls, exactly? – he decided to specify just in case.
– Ones such as we are, Master, – sighed Disciple. – Shivering creatures.
– Oh, you haven’t tasted our frosts yet, dear! – Master laughed. – Not to worry, we shall cure you of this civilized nonsense, only give us some time.
– Many thanks to you, Master! – cried Disciple. – Just tell me what should I do now, I am ready for everything!
– Keep on chopping firewood, stupid city-dweller! – Master yelled and once again laid a precise blow with a crutch upon Disciple’s head.
* * *
– Very well, – Master noticed with satisfaction, climbing upwards. – Stove is good, it gives warmth. And warmth is priceless nowadays.
– Hearts of men have grown indifferent and cold to burdens of their earth brothers…, – Disciple nodded knowingly in response.
– Goof! – replied Master and threw valenok from his leg into Disciple. – Firewood is cheaper, and oil radiator would cost me a fortune for sure. And my pension, I’ll make you know that, isn’t a fortune at all, and it’s without a premium. They didn’t even give me a veteran of works status, nasty ones! – Master grumbled disappointedly, settling on a stove.
– Master! – frowned Disciple. – Master…
– Zzzzzzzz…, – noise came to his ears from stove’s location.
– Master! – Disciple cried beggarly. – Master, I look forward to hearing from you!
– Yes, what-what-what?! – opened his eyes almost fallen asleep from warmth Master, having stared at his Disciple. – Why have you once again disturbed me when I was regaining my strength, aye? – he said and threw a second valenok in Disciple.
– Master, we have been engaged in some nonsense for several months already – we were dragging waters from a well, collecting grass in stacks, catching fish in a river, cooking a fish soup. When will we finally start doing something important and great, something that matters? My spirit has grown tired waiting for future achievements!
– Does it look like insignificant to you? The fish soup we used to cook turned out to be great, by the way. Especially when made from carps and catfishes, – delicious! For long time I haven’t tested such a meal without you.
– Are you scoffing, Master?! – Disciple cried bitterly. – What kind of significance is that?
– Your empty head! – Master sighed. – It surely doesn’t want to put a meaning in things you are doing. For if you put sense in your deeds – you would love it, and if you loved it – you would do so with joy, and if you did them with joy – you would be happy, and if you were happy – you would share that happiness with others around you. And what kind of fish soup they would be able to cook then? Divine!
– Easy for you to say! – Disciple took offense. – You keep lying in warmth while I have to freeze each day down here on this wooden bed. I would certainly like to be in your shoes!
– Are you sure you want that? – Master blinked his eyes. – No problem, climb over here! And I will luxuriate in your place, for I get used to enjoy the place I live in no matter where I am.
– Shit … how do I … where is … damn it … master! There is no free place here at all! – started complaining Disciple, having once again hit his head against a brick of the stove.
– It’s you for whom there is no place over there, for you have your own place in life, simpleton! – with these words Master threw back his valenok onto the stove. – Catch valenok!
– Why do you give me your footwear, Master? – Disciple looked at him with confusion. – Come back to your stove and I shall climb down to wooden bed.
– Not so fast! – laughed Master. – Quickly put on valenoks and sheepskin coat, you shall go to a post office now. The lesson of humility and patience awaits ye.
* * *
– Back so soon? – Master smiled, seeing as covered with hoarfrost Disciple has hardly rolled over a threshold and has wearily fallen to his bed even without putting off valenoks. – Well, how are my valenoks to you, don’t they put too much pressure on you?
– Hard is the journey in sandals of yours …, – Disciple murmured wearily with hardly obeying lips.
– Well, – Master sighed with satisfaction, moving on a stove. – Russian Post, village … Should I explain it further, or will you manage to comprehend it itself, spineless troll? And I, by the way, went there every month to collect my pension. But I do see now that you can replace me in this battle.
– Who the heck advised you to settle in such boondocks, Master! – grumbled Disciple. – God only knows how long I have been travelling to you through woods with no direct direction in order to find you!
– By beloved dolt! – Master lifted his hands. – Who has told you the false fact that it was obligatory to crawl through woods for several days in order to find me – your own ego, or some kind of Buddhist? You, I gather, haven’t even heard of such a thing as public transport even once in your life? Bus number sixty second goes to our bus stop every day, and it takes only ten minutes to get to me from there.
– Wisdom of your speeches escapes vision of my spirit … – Disciple murmured wearily, falling asleep.
– You have to find right stops in your life’s journey, simpleton! – Master laughed in full voice.
* * *
– Master, why do we need all this at all, what’s the point? – Disciple carefully touched Master’s shoulder.
– We need to catch it first at this point, and you keep disturbing me from setting a drag-net on foxes right now! – and Master straightened out him. – Silence!
– Aye, aye, sir! – replied Disciple. – I will be silent like a great Buddha, beholding the world.
– No way, I don’t demand these self-tortures from you here! – Master hushed on him. – I can’t cease communication for such a long time myself, and won’t advise you to do so either. We only need to set a couple of traps here – and then we go back to the stove.
– It’s important for men not to fall down into self-made pits or traps by bringing evils to our neighbors…, – efficiently confirmed Disciple.
– Oh, my! When will you cease philosophizing for an instance, aye? Your ego is still wagging a tail just like a fox!
– I have gathered wisdom during this year, including one from you, my Master! – Disciple assured him. – Now I feel myself stronger.
– Tell this to forty-degree frost tomorrow when checking drag-nets, – said Master and spitted on a snow.
* * *
– Master …, – a familiar call ringed in the air once again, as always.
– I am not the master for you already! I am Egorych, Stepan Egorych! – said grandfather, wearily sitting down on stock of wood. – I have been repeating you this for several years already, troll’s head, and you are still crying “master!” and “master!”
– But in that old newspaper announcement you called yourself as “master”, – objected fairly overgrown and lost weight for the last five years Disciple.
– I am a plumber, you dumb! They always name us that way. And I was looking for a disciple-assistant to repair pipes in our village, for they have been completely worn out during a Soviet period and may burst out pouring at any moment, – and no masters will be able to help us if that shit happens.
– It turns out that …, – Disciple fatefully sat down on the ground, being shocked by what he has just heard, – you are not my Master?
– Well, why not? If destiny itself has brought you to my doors – this means you belong here. After all, we have greatly uplifted and advanced our housekeeping for the last five years, so it might be a good time for you to go into the hands of Avdotya Mikhaylovna, – her pipe under a bathtub started leaking quite a while ago … and she needs someone to help get her pension from Russian Post office either way.
– It means … everything was in vain … all meaning of life is thrown in a pipe …, – stunned Disciple was barely whispering with disobeying lips.
– And maybe that purpose of your particular life which you have been seeking, – is exactly to laid a helping hand to Avdotya Mikhaylovna, aye? – and Master blinked his eye, smiling.

Tough one
You are the tough one – and that’s lies out of doubt’s borders. Dreadfully respectable type! You have achieved success in life, and now it successfully continues to support your illusion of own happiness with such degree of intensity, that you simple don’t have time for anything other except for support of own respectability in the community of ones similar to you. And they respect you, certainly, not for whom you actually are, but for all that external social attributes, with which you have painted yourself. In the company of the ones like you hypocrisy, you know, is the nature of things.

How many powers and time were spent in a struggle for that invaluable mask, how many people were smashed, how lots of beautiful feelings and words were thrown out on a wind for the sake of opportunity to overtake several others on this roundabout route which is out of sense! But for now you are cool, and it’s not subject for doubt, because all those millions who have made you their idol, can’t be all mistaken, yes? And they have already managed to stop doubting own infallibility – because, according to their opinion, the ones who have managed to be imprinted on pages of “ForBes” magazines are hardly capable of making mistakes. You, much like the comrade Lenin, have become the idol of many – you became simply intolerable. And the stream of your life didn’t take you out to a coast of serenity and boundlessness. And whether did you really desire to swim in that direction?

Power of money because of money for the sake of money not without money. Money replaced so many things in your life. You have become extremely rich and valuable person – that’s why simple human happiness was too expensive for you to afford. It, unlike you, is able to understand people and doesn’t run after to each passer if they have “Rolex” watches or “Porsche” cards at their disposal. It’s very human because it searches for humanity. It’s much like a Firebird, and one can grasp it by tail only be being simple and kind – and you have become too tough, suspicious and intolerable. Probably, it’s almost unbearable to remain as such at all times – yet by some mystical ways you have managed to achieve it still.

Probably, at least once or twice you managed to notice some kind of special people, by and away from which your highly profitable life express were carrying you time and again. These people were, according to your measures, simple poor ones – yet at the same time they were rich with something totally different, phenomenon of so mysterious to you nature. They were able to celebrate life in each its instant and therefore knew no such thing as grief. They were sincere – and hypocrites feared to approach them, being afraid to be disclosed at the next instant. For now you do understand that they were rich with happiness – for there was something from the God inside them. You know, this something could belong to you as well …

You have built you castle on the false base – and now it’s being shaken by blows of conscience. But nevertheless you, apparently, don’t understand that all those common truths which have been once called as both banal and boring, even being rejected by you have been living nearby still, as if invisibly marking and fixing something. It’s they, these truths, will never lose its value no matter how thick and strong the dust layer of fabrications and lies would use the ones who have still not understood that truths aren’t capable to be banal.

But all of that is, apparently, not your business – for after all you move, run and rush forward by a belt road, without seeing a path. You didn’t understand for the sake of what you once again – and maybe the for the last time, - have come to the planet Earth. Dreadfully respectable type!

No, sir, this is absolutely intolerable ! What sort of absurd can be produced by ignorant human mind of apparently reasonable being ! Not only do you deny all canons and nonsenses of a scientific dirty trick, but in so-called free reflections you are almost ready to come to the true, I would say, heresies. This is truly improbable nonsense ! Ignorant, I repeat, contradicting all axioms and theorems of our dirty trick, harmful for human consciousness nonsense. How defiantly and daringly did you decide to break off our remarkable, ideal, not having a single contradiction and dirty trick fine Theory, which we have been planting for many centuries here and there in various textbooks so that ones who have got acquainted with that had no other opportunity but to think in a predefine direction and as a result cannot do anything better but to express their most sincere respect to us as pioneers of Truth ! The Truth as we see it – most advanced scientists of our century and creators of the best possible scientific dirty trick !
Where have you seen, oh my clueless and moderately stupid sir, elephants having exactly four feet, aye ? This contradicts all our scientific Theory Of Five Legs, which is being shared by most advanced scientists of last and future centuries, not to speak of the present times !
Well, certainly, sir, we have no sufficient bases for absolute confidence in our Theory, which weight is defined not by degree of its compliance with objective reality, but rather by a number of scientific masters who are willing for the sake of their own benefit to share with us these views, but we can certainly speak of ninety nine percentage of compliance on the basis of theoretical conclusions only!
Yes, sir, this is indeed true – not a single scientific star, developing the Theory Of Five Legs, have even seen a single elephant in his life, but all in all this didn’t prevent them from constructing such an elegant and consistent scheme – and all sorts of exceptions, as it usually goes in our environment, just confirm the basic rule. In any case, this is a very convenient basis for our self-justification in cases of total disagreements of our theories with this sometimes most indigestible for our fine minds vile reality.
The fact that all elephants are able to fly, unlike human beings, is also considered as being indisputable – you can read about this in infamous scientific work entitled “About Elephants Ears And Their Convergent-Divergent-Implicit-Unclear Link With Artificial Conditions Of Creation Of Air Streams Formed In A Habitat Environment By Invasive-Suggestive-Periodic-Rotary-Swinging Movements Counterclockwise During Moments Of Staying Of Specified Beings In A State Of Internal Catharsis, Which Expresses Itself In …”, which only name is already capable to inspire true respect in any admirer of our true scientific dirty trick !
We, as true experts of our business, flatly refuse to believe in very possibility of absence of the fifth foot in elephants, because it would contradict not their ability of correct and effective movement, but rather the reduction of all put forward and injected by us in human consciousness scientific theories, and to our positions as dear and respected members of this society as well. Therefore your so-called scientific work will be sent to essential completion according to your, well, very voluntary and compulsory consent.
We will perform a transformation and bringing of the experimental data obtained by you under our own scientific theories, and if necessity arises we will carry out retouching of all photos of elephants made by you during your journey by artificial painting of fifth foot on them. Most certainly, we will put your initials as founder of yet next confirmation of our Theory Of Five Legs somewhere on the thousand page, after all initials of our dear masters, who have put so many time and forces into the business of developing of our scientific dirty trick. In case of your disagreement we will be compelled to recognize you as the charlatan and speculator who is confusing human minds, and to expose you in the worst possible light which can be produced by our collective imp-consciousness.
Your dunno want that ? Well, that’s your right. You simply have no idea of the power of pack and our great collective scientific dirty trick ! Yes, free will to free minds. As they say, may your road lead you directly into the clutches of Truth ! And don’t you forget to take the slippers, sir !


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